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Kick the allergens, keep the foam

Steaming or icy. Frothy or smooth. Ripple is the barista’s answer for taking dairy-free drinks to the next level of texture, flavor and innovation.

It’s the one product that delivers multiple solutions for your coffeeshop. Ripple satisfies increasingly informed coffee drinkers –
free of dietary taboos and common allergens:

Nut Free
Lactose Free
Gluten Free
100% Vegan
Soy Free

Don’t just settle, serve up

See how Ripple froths, foams, and keeps its silky smooth texture in popular coffee drinks.

Pour for pour, Ripple is the 1:1 replacement for dairy. It’s the very best way to satisfy specialty-beverage lovers seeking superior plant-based solutions. Use it anytime when only a dairy-alternative will do.
  • Steams and foams for artful texturing

  • Functions well under nitro
  • Withstands the heat needed to properly aerate
  • Holds its silky, polished and smooth form – so the barista is free to swirl and pour away as with traditional milk
  • Maintains a strong mouthfeel, as expected for any seasoned latte drinker
  • Ripple Milk and Half & Half are shelf-stable until opened and refrigerated
coffee solutions

Cold foam that keeps its cool

Refrigerate Ripple Original Plant-Based Milk and whip with an iSi whipper. It’s that easy to create a cold foam that holds its own against dairy.

coffee solutions

Half & Half that’s fully creamy

Ripple Plant-Based Half & Half adds straight-up smooth richness to any drink. It also performs exceptionally well under a hot steam wand for traditional cappuccino applications and in an iSi whipper for custom drink innovations.

coffee solutions

Coming soon: Everlasting thick whip!

Refrigerate Ripple Plant-Based Frozen Dessert base – or just slack it out 24 hours prior to use if frozen. Whip it up to create a deliciously decadent topping that will sustain its shape for over 15 minutes atop hot beverages.

Tell us what you need

Our culinary team can help you integrate Ripple into your menu. Interested in custom beverage development? Want to know how Ripple performs in various drink applications? Ask away. We’re here to help.