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plant‑based products that work for foodservice

Forget everything you know about dairy‑free.

Elevate your plant‑based creations with ripple.

It takes greatness to make it in the fast‑paced kitchen. Make way for Ripple — the award-winning plant‑based portfolio that allows you to create dairy‑free without compromise.

From simmering soups and sauces to melty Monte Cristos … From frothy drinks to decadent shakes and soft serves … Ripple makes it possible to serve dairy-free the way your customers want it.

Sensational flavor and satisfying texture

Holds up in frozen or sustained heat applications

Versatile and cross‑utilizable


Frozen Desserts

2022 FABI Award Winner!

Make way for

the creamiest

The groundbreaking performance of our frozen dessert base lets you make soft serves and hard packs to your exacting taste.


Coffee Solutions

Make way for

the foamiest

Ripple is the one answer that meets customers’ call for taste and texture with no allergens, no pesky plant-based undertones.


Grab‑n‑go Solutions

Make way for dairy‑free


There’s a new time and place for dairy-free: Anywhere you are, whenever you want it.