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Recognized for superior taste and the potential to revolutionize food & beverage

Vegan soft serve and hard pack frozen dessert bases

Forget everything you know about dairy‑free.

See for yourself how Ripple is different.

For too long, customers have had to lower their hopes of what dairy‑free could be. The disappointment stops here. Ripple delivers all the complexities of dairy texture and flavor, while keeping it simple:

100% plant-based

No major allergens

No unwanted flavor undertones

Nut Free
Lactose Free
Gluten Free
100% Vegan
Soy Free

make way for

the creamiest


make way for

the creamiest

colorful cones

Let your true flavor shine.

Free your house flavors from the pesky undertones that cling to other plant‑based options.

Original: 100% Neutral. 100% Creamy. 100% Customizable.

•  Original soft-serve base (1 gallon)

•  Original hard-pack base (2.5 gallon)

Vanilla: The gold standard against which others are measured.

•  Vanilla soft-serve base (1 gallon)

Twist it your way.

Our frozen dessert bases run through any soft serve or ice cream machine like a dream. Every time. Packaged in labor-saving formats.