Ripple Milk

An innovative sustainability solution

We are driven by a passion to actively protect the planet. No passive damage control here. We are not alone. The number of Americans who base their food and drink choices on sustainability considerations has increased year over year by 23%*. In light of consumer demand for a reduced carbon footprint, we knew we had to step on it.

*Source: Tastewise Food & Beverage Sustainability Trends 2020 report.

A better buddy

We are all about being a better buddy to the earth. Sustainably produced Ripple:

  • Requires less water to produce than both dairy and the leading plant-based alternatives.
  • Generates significantly less CO2 than dairy, almond, coconut and cashew milks.
  • Is produced using non-GMO-certified ingredients.
  • Ripple bottles are made from recyclable 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic. 94% of Americans have access to PET recycling.
Be a better buddy to the planet. To learn more, visit: