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Seeing is believing

Watch Ripple in action to learn how easy it is to use.

Go dairy-free to enrich your signature soups and sauces — and miss nothing! Ripple is crafted to emulsify smoothly and thoroughly for consistent creaminess and craveable mouthfeel.

  • Holds up to high-heat applications with dairy-like gel-strength
  • Completely blendable, making it easy to adjust consistency from item to item
  • Adds distinctive creaminess to vinaigrettes
  • Boosts the indulgence factor of soups and sauces

Recipe ideas

Alfredo Sauce

Combine 2 cups of Ripple Unsweetened Milk with desired spices and flavorings and whisk over medium heat on stovetop until sauce thickens, just before it begins to boil. Whisk gently to avoid frothing.

Roma Crema Sauce

Add a scoop of Ripple Alfredo Sauce to a marinara sauce to create an Italian blended Roma Crema Sauce. Serve over spaghetti for a decadent classic dish.

Creamy Roasted Garlic Squash Puree with Rosemary

Roast butternut squash, rosemary, onions and fresh thyme and puree in blender. Add spices and Ripple to create desired consistency. Steam Ripple to create foam and add overtop. Dress it up with garnishes or appeal to flexitarians by topping with candied bacon.

New England Clam Chowder

Eat chowder like you remember. Creamy, thick and chock full of fresh clams and diced potatoes. Ripple Unsweetened Original delivers all the creamy goodness of this classic favorite without the dairy.