The Sweet Spot on Dessert Menus

Seeing is believing

Watch Ripple in action to learn how easy it is to use.

Increasingly, consumers are seeking health-halo foods that fit their individual needs and choices, such as lactose-intolerance, allergies or veganism. But they still want flavor, options and dessert. Use Ripple to satisfy them with over-the-top indulgence that’s good-for-you healthy.
  • 31 percent of consumers say they’re more willing to try dairy-free desserts than two years ago.*
  • As the 1:1 replacement for dairy, Ripple adds rich flavor and creamy, craveable texture across the dessert menu.
  • 8g of plant-based protein and lower sugar goodness helps guests give themselves permission to indulge in something that’s good for them.
  • Ripple’s multi-nutritional benefits mean you can serve diverse needs without blowing out inventory needs.
*Source: 2019 Dessert Consumer Trend Report, Technomic.

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Recipe ideas

Vanilla Milkshake

Blend 8-10 oz. of Ripple Vanilla Frozen Dessert with 6 oz. of Vanilla Ripple Milk for a creamy classic milkshake.

Chocolate-Mint “Freakshake”

Blend a pint of Ripple Mint Frozen Dessert with 6 oz. of Chocolate Ripple Milk. Rim a glass with non-dairy icing and roll in cookie crumbs to coat glass. Pour the blend into the glass and layer with non-dairy whipped cream, cookies, chocolate and other sweet and savory flavors.

Ripple Ice Cream Cakes

Form Ripple Frozen Dessert into patty molds and layer on top of each other in sets of two. Top with cookie crumbles (chocolate or cookie dough are great) and drizzle hot fudge overtop.

Ripple Ice Cream Waffle Taco

If you’re going to treat yourself, do it with a dairy-free ice cream waffle taco made with Ripple Frozen Dessert. Cinnamon Churro is a classic flavor that will make your frozen waffle taco taste perfect, with chunks of Churro and a hint of cinnamon. Dip it in melted chocolate for an extra level of decadence.

Elvis Presley Peanut Butter Chocolate Ripple Banana Split

Legends never lose their appeal and the Elvis banana split will keep customers coming back. Split your banana lengthwise and alternately deposit scoops of Ripple Vanilla and Ripple Chocolate Frozen Dessert. Cover the Ripple Vanilla with chocolate fudge and the Ripple Chocolate with a peanut butter sauce. Don’t forget the sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Rice Pudding

Classics like rice pudding are always in style on any menu but when you make it dairy-free with Ripple’s Vanilla, you’re adding a whole new classic to the menu.