Drink in delicious possibilities

Seeing is believing

Watch Ripple in action to learn how easy it is to use.

Pour for pour, Ripple is the 1:1 replacement for dairy. It’s the very best way to satisfy specialty-beverage lovers seeking superior plant-based solutions. Use it any time only a better dairy alternative will do.
  • Easy to use with a single swap
  • Rich, dairy-like flavor
  • Creamy, craveable mouthfeel
  • Performs equally well in hot and cold beverages
  • Works with nitro charges and cold foams
  • Froths and foams like dairy

Recipe ideas

Cappuccino, Macchiato and Latte

Pair Ripple Unsweetened Vanilla with flavorings and aggressively steam to create a frothy head with perfect microfoam with a shot of espresso.

For a great macchiato, froth Ripple and add on top of a shot of espresso. For lattes, steam Ripple and add on top of a shot of espresso.

Tiger Iced Tea with Ripple Half & Half

Combine dark brewed Thai tea with ice and a shot of honey sweetener and pour over Ripple Half & Half for a luxurious look. Top with foamed Ripple to create a layered beverage.

Cream Soda with Chocolate Ripple

For a new twist on the old-fashioned cream soda, add cola and a shot of espresso or cold brew concentrate to a glass of ice. Pour over Chocolate Ripple for an indulgent swirl.


Pair chilled Ripple product with flavorings and aerate to create a frothy foam with a shot of hot espresso.

Tea Bubblers

Pair superfoods with low sugar fruit teas and stir together with Ripple.

Agave Lemonade White Chocolate Crusher

Combine Ripple with agave lemonade concentrate and blend for a smooth, creamy delight.

Blend all ingredients together until smooth

  • 5 oz. Vanilla Ripple
  • 3 oz. Agave Lemonade Concentrate
  • 2 Tbsp. White Chocolate Syrup
  • 16 oz. Ice

Try combining Ripple with concentrated tea or coffee to create other creamy crusher delights.

Creamy Smoothies

Blend Ripple with tea or cold brew and optional flavorings with 50% less ice than a traditional smoothie making a very sippable, creamy, refreshing drink.


Blend Ripple with tea and fresh fruit and pour over ice, adding a short pour of sparkling seltzer with a gentle stir.