Appetizers & Entrees

A Go-To Ingredient You’ll Go To Again and Again

Ripple’s robust cross-utilization capabilities make it easy to seamlessly replace dairy in appetizers, small plates, shareables and entrees.
  • Replaces dairy 1:1
  • High heat tolerance and functionality similar to dairy
  • Complements savory and sweet flavor profiles
  • Cross-utilizable — streamlines inventory needs and lowers food costs

Recipe ideas

Waffles and Eggs

Make a 1:1 swap of traditional dairy for Ripple Unsweetened Milk to create dairy-free waffles and eggs.

Easy Biscuits & Gravy

Dairy-Free Biscuits & Gravy is a Cinch: Simply blend Ripple Refrigerated Half & Half Creamer with your favorite biscuit and gravy dry mixes according to package directions.

Mashed Potato

Whether you like a homemade style mashed potato, or a super smooth and creamy mashed potato, Ripple can help you make it dairy-free and without the major allergens. Ripple Unsweetened Original is the perfect substitution. Just swap it out for your dairy milk and you will never notice the difference — neither will your guests.

Twice-Baked Stuffed Potato

Whipping up fluffy, decadent, twice-baked potato is easy to do with Ripple. Just make your stuffing as usual and substitute exact measurements of Ripple Unsweetened Original for your dairy milk.