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Consistent Dairy-Free Performance

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Crafted with chefs in mind, Ripple is the true 1:1 replacement for dairy.

With consumer tastes and dietary needs shifting, operators need an easy, one-to-one replacement for traditional, dairy-based foods. Ripple addresses those concerns by offering an ultra-pure pea protein solution that’s culinary focused and emphasizes clean taste, versatility, and performance in the kitchen.
  • One easy swap — no extra effort required
  • Rich and clean-tasting with pleasing, creamy, craveable mouthfeel
  • Smoothies are smoother. Soups are creamier. Sauces keep it together
  • Stays stable in high-heat applications and is always chill in cold applications
  • Versatile and cross-utilizable, Ripple streamlines inventory needs, reduces food costs and simplifies prep
Chef Dan Follese
“It’s finally here! A product that’s a real 1:1 replacement for dairy in just about anything on my menu. I don’t have to make any compromises.”
Chef Dan Follese

Learn how Ripple can enhance everything on your menu